About Us

What is Rated Solar Installer?

Rated Solar Installer is a unique & FREE rating website for the solar industry which offers unique benefits and connects customers and installers.

Our programme is designed to give customers confidence when selecting a solar installer. Read installer’s unbiased reviews and ratings from previous customers and select the best choice for you from our carefully selected installers. Once your installation is completed, rate your installer to help others.

Why should I use Rated Solar Installer?

Rated Solar Installer will ensure that consumers get access to the best local installers at the click of a mouse.

Using Rated Solar Installer will reduce the risk consumers’ face when choosing the right company to do the job. Our installers are pre-qualified, and constantly reviewed, so you can have confidence in their workmanship.

In a few simple steps, customers can register, post a job, choose their installer and rate the installer once a job is completed.

Our aim

To reduce the cost of solar installations which can be achieved partly by reducing installers' sales and marketing fixed overheads. There are no upfront fees involved in joining Rated Solar Installer for installers. Installers only pay a small fixed fee per install after the completion of an installation.

Our mission

To ensure quality remains high and customers are protected by driving sub-standard installers out of the market. The UK Solar PV industry is growing fast and we must make sure that the public stay in love with solar.

Rated Solar Installer is taking the UK Solar PV industry on another step forward to become a sustainable industry and making the customers' journey safe and secure in the knowledge that they will have their solar installation fitted by fully trained and audited installers. 


Rated 4 out of 5

Rated Solar Installer gives customers confidence in choosing solar PV services and enables them to rate their installer.

Register With Rated Solar Installer

Rated Solar Installer allows consumers and businesses to quickly find a solar installer in their area, who can be trusted to provide a high standard of work.

  • Increase sales
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Build consumer confidence
  • Understand customer needs
  • Reduce marketing costs