Why use Rated Solar Installer?

In 2010, the demand for solar panels increased after the government introduced a new financial incentive called the Feed in Tariff (FiT). Since then, the government has gradually reduced the FiT, leaving the customers thinking there is no point in installing solar PV. This is clearly not the case as the return on investment is the same or even higher due to falling cost of solar equipment.

Due to this sales have dropped and a number of installers have ceased to trade. This has resulted in customers being left with no support or warranties. This has also resulted in negative media attention, damaging customer confidence in solar energy. There are a large number of customers undecided, due to not knowing how to choose a good product or a trusted installer.

Supported by the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA), Rated Solar Installer is now offering the customers an easy way to find reliable, trustworthy and above all quality solar installers offering peace of mind and a holistic solution.

How will Rated Solar Installer help?

Setting high standards through unbiased customer ratings

  • A unique ‘peace of mind’ guarantee
  • Rated Solar Installer is the only specialist website focused on promoting quality installers
  • Rated Solar Installer will increase customer confidence by providing an independent public platform for honest reviews

Rated 4 out of 5

Rated Solar Installer gives customers confidence in choosing solar PV services and enables them to rate their installer.