Customers visit our website on a daily basis, searching for installers who offer a high quality service with quality recommendations from like-minded customers.

If you are a skilled, experienced and MCS certified solar installer with a proven track record, Rated Solar Installer will provide you with an online platform, allowing you to market your business, attract customers and build your reputation through customer reviews.

Joining Rated Solar Installer is FREE. All you have to do is register by clicking 'apply online' below, and once your details have been verified, submit your application form. We aim to process your application within 7 working days. Once your application is approved, you will be listed on our approved installers page visible to customers looking for high quality solar installers. Every approved installer benefits from a standard listing, featuring a short company description, contact details and ratings. Installers are chosen on the basis of quality of work and demonstrating proven track record.

Acceptance Criteria 

In order to qualify and be listed on our website an installer company must meet Rated Solar Installer criteria.

  • Based in the UK  (including Ireland)
  • Must be an MCS certified installer
  • Must have been trading for at least one year (and have submitted one financial statement)
  • Must provide full customer details of THREE previous installations
  • Must have a good credit rating
  • Must be a member of the BPVA

These criteria are in place to ensure that our customers get to choose from a range of trusted installers with a proven track record. 

Per Install Fees

Installers pay a fixed per install fee based on the size of an installation after its completion. This reduces installers' upfront fixed marketing costs to a lower variable cost.


  • Connect to millions of new pre-approved customers
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Reduce your marketing cost to acquire new customers
  • Be seen as a high quality installer
  • Demonstrate your competence, value and quality
  • Increase your sales and turnover
  • Acquire & retain customers


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